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Baseball Cards

Baseball cards have always been a passion of mine. I always had a love for baseball, to me it was the only sport. Growing up, I wish someone had told me about baseball card values, because I would of taken better care of them.

I would scrounge up what little money I had from my allowance, hop on my bike and head down to the stationery store to buy a fresh pack of Topps baseball cards. Hoping to…

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Masahiro Tanaka Baseball Cards

Masahiro Tanaka Baseball Cards

Masahiro Tanaka baseball cards are sure to increase in value as the Japan sensation begins his MLB career. Tanaka is off to a fantastic start with the New York Yankees, as he set a Yankee record for most strikeouts by a rookie pitcher in his first 3 games, previously held by Al Leiter.

Masahiro Tanaka Baseball CardsThis is the 2013 Topps tribute Masahiro Tanaka baseball card. Topps did a great job on this card, sleek design…

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